Monday, 7 April 2008

IMHRO: Iranian Minorities’ Human Right Organisation at AIUK AGM 2008

Iranian Minorities’ Human Right Organisation (IMHRO)



Kate Allen director of Amnesty International UK
with Reza Washahi IMHRO researcher and campaigner

Iranian minority’s human right organisation attended annual general meeting of amnesty in United Kingdom which took place at Nottingham University this year.

In this meeting different issues regarding human right of minorities in Iran discussed in highest level with different amnesty section.

Talking with different key member of amnesty UK and delegation from all over to UK and different part of the world, IMHRO raised awareness of situation of minorities in Iran.

IMHRO also exchanged view with other minorities’ delegates to how to put minorities’ issues in heart of human right campaign worldwide.

IMHRO also shared its experiences with amnesty UK Web team regarding E-campaigning which welcomed warmly with excellent comments.

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