Monday, 27 April 2009

IMHRO attended a day-long seminar in Durham University on the subject of Minorities in Iran

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



IMHRO on 5th of March attended a day seminar in Durham University regard of Human rights of Minorities in Iran.

The seminar was organised by The Closed Door Campaign group in Durham University.

In the meeting Professor Ian Leigh, Co-Director of the Durham Human Rights Centre and expert on human right act 1998 in UK, discussed the Iranian government’s obligation to follow international law.

Daniel Wheatley, Government relation officer for UK Bahá'í community gave a detailed account of discrimination against and persecution of Bahá’í in Iran since 1979 revolution, including recent charges against 7 Bahá’í leaders which these cases are of particular international concern.

IMHRO researcher Reza Washahi provided details of the Islamist regime’s persecution of minorities over last 30 years, with some case studies and updates on current cases.

The meeting was very successful. It concluded with a question and answer session.

IMHRO is committed to increase worldwide awareness of the plight of minorities in Iran.

*in the photo from right to left, Professor Ian Leigh, Reza washahi and Daniel Wheatley .

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