Tuesday, 25 August 2009

IMHRO: Iranian security service arrested 80 years old Arab Ahwazi man

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



80 years old Ahwazi Arab man Saied Jasim Alboshoka alongside his nephew Nasser Alboshoka 57 years old was arrested in city of Ramshir (Khalafia) by security service in south west of Iran in Al-Ahwaz.

This is not a first time Iranian government arresting elderly Ahwazi Arabs.

They released after 15 days on bill. They were arrested in 2005 during intifada demonstration in Ahwaz. They also killed Saied Sultan Alboshoka- grandson of Saied Jasim Alboshoka in 2006.

They threat them that rest of your family in Europe should return back to Iran.

This is unacceptable treatment of elderly people. Iranian security service uses the relatives of activist for putting pressure on them to stop their activities.


Al Ahwaz situated in south west of Iran, in North West of Arabic Gulf, with population of at least 5 million people. Oil and gas rich of Al Ahwaz occupied by Iranian Government in 1925. Since then cultural ban imposed on people and government used various tools for this aim including displacement and changing names.

Ahwazi Arab people are not benefited from natural fortune. Unemployment rate is high, and government do not invest in health and education.

In recent years Iranian government set up various training camps under supervision of elite part of Islamic Revolutionary Guards -Quds Force- for training terrorists and sending them into Iraq and Lebanon.

Iranian government exercise ultra tight censoring News from Ahwaz and journalist banned for many years from visiting area. Ahwazi Arabs also suffer from censorship of their News by Persian managed media in the West.

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