Thursday, 28 January 2010

IMHRO: Mass grave discovered in south west of Iran near city of Ahwaz

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



Fears growing as mass grave discovered around city of Ahwaz. Local people reported Iranian security service immediately sealed the area and moved the bodies to unknown location.

Four men who discovered the grave while digging for installing water pipe also arrested and transferred to unknown location. Sources told IMHRO that Iranian Security service also raided their house searching for camera and any media record of mass grave.

Many Ahwazi Arabs since 1979 disappeared and authorities never explained what happened to them.

Similar stories are reported in Kurdish, Baluchi, Turk and Turkmen area and also among Jews, Christians and Bahá’í communities.

IMHRO asks international community to put pressure on Iranian government to investigate this matter and bring those who are responsible to justice.

“Many disappeared in minority’s area and Iranian government do not take any responsibilities for it, we should never close our eyes on such things” said Reza Washahi a researcher on minorities Iran.

Back ground

Kidnapping campaign always were tools of Iranian government inside and in foreign policy.

In 1980 Iranian took American embassy staff in Tehran as hostages.

Many foreign nationals still are in prison in Iran and in past and present they used as deal for political bargain for Tehran’s benefits.

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