Saturday, 10 July 2010

IMHRO Condemning arrest of Abdolkhezer Alboshoka

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



Iranian security service had arrested and raided house of Abdolkhezer Alboshoka 56 years old, an Ahwazi Arab man in town of Khalafeya (Ramshir) in south west of Iran in. They took various items with them including books and CD’s.

He was previously Arrested By revolutionary guards in Ramshir on 12 June 2010 for one day and by the Iranian intelligence services branch of Ramhormoz (Ramez) on 13 June 2010 and interrogated for 2 days.

Mr is ordinary man and he is not active in any way. IMHRO believes the reason for such arrests and raid is to put pressure on son of Mr in Kamil Alboshoka 26 years old who is living in UK.

Mr Abdolkhezer’s son, Kamil Alboshoka is a political and human rights activists and lives in UK. Ahwazi Arabs, who numbers at least 6 million people, live in east side of Arabian Gulf and are under pressure by Iranian government. Since occupation of Arabistan in 1925, Ahwazi forced to speak Persian and subjected to ethnic cleansing, displacement and cultural assimilation. Political activist persecuted and family of activist kept under surveillance and pressure.

Ahwazi Arabs are banned from work in oil and gas industry despite the fact that Ahwaz oil wells provides %90 of Iran’s revenue.

IMHRO condemning treatment of Ahwazi Arabs by Iranian government and call upon international community to address the issue of Ahwazi Arabs with much more greater details and demand from Iranian government to free Ahwazi Arab prisoners and stop harassing families of Ahwazi dissidents in Iran.

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