Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Trend: Azerbaijani official: Tehran's interference in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs is sign of disrespect

Azerbaijan, Baku,

The disrespect shown by some forces in Iran toward Azerbaijan is a sign of a disrespectful attitude toward Azerbaijanis on the whole, who constitute half the Iranian population, ruling New Azerbaijan Party Deputy Chairman Ali Ahmadov told journalists today.
"A large community of ethnic Azerbaijanis lives in Iran. All of this determines the character and essence of our relationship. Any disrespect shown by Iran toward Azerbaijan, any attempts to interfere in the country's internal affairs, any insults toward Azerbaijan in the Iranian media, are all manifestations of disrespect, on the one hand, for the Azerbaijani state, as well as the numerous Azerbaijanis living in Iran, on the other hand," Ahmadov said.
According to him, if the Iranian media respect their Azerbaijani citizens, they would not show a similar attitude toward Azerbaijan.

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