Friday, 15 April 2011

IMHRO: Ahwazi Arab demonstrators attacked by Revolutionary Guards

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



As demonstrations in the Middle East spread, this time new waves started in Ahwaz in south west of Iran. IMHRO sources in Ahwaz said that heavy clashes happened after Arabs of Ahwaz came out for peaceful demonstration for university of 2005 demonstration (15th of Neisan).

Iranian government deployed large number of sources on squares and streets. Basij militia forces and revolutionary guards are positioned in various part of the Ahwaz city.

Ahwazi Arabs despite of that went to the street. Jamal one of protestors told IMHRO that at least 10 people died after government forces opened fire. “We came out peacefully and they soon started to shoot at us. I saw people falling down next to me”

One of those who killed was names as Abdul Rahman Qasem Albadvi. Many arrested by Iranian security service, including women and children, taken to unknown location.

Demonstration was organised via Facebook and twitters and various organisation and groups from inside and outside of Iran called for it. Demonstration is wide speeded to other cities of Hamidieh, Mashoor (Mahshahr), Falhieh (Shdegan), Abadan, Mohammareh (Khoramshahr)

The demonstration reported by Arabic Quds paper and like always Persian media in the west, censored the News of demonstration of Ahwazi Arabs.

According to various reports ambulance siren and bullet was heard during all night. Jamal said people shouted “independent for al Ahwaz”, “we are Ahwazi Arab nation” and  “Persians occupation of Ahwaz should end” This is war crimes to shoot people who protested peacefully with AK 47 and grenade” said Reza Washahi, a researcher on minorities in Iran.

IMHRO condemn Iranian government’s act of using live ammunition on peaceful demonstrators. IMHRO would make a formal request from International criminal court to investigate crimes exercised against Ahwazi Arabs.


Ahwazi Arabs, who their numbers are more than 10 million people, are suffering from Persian occupation, since 1925. Ahwaz hold %15 of worlds proven oil resources and second gas reserve in the world. Iranian government deny existence of Arabs in south west of Iran and call the Arab speakers. Ahwazi Arabs are banned from using media, any political and cultural activities heavily suppressed by Iranian government. Iranian security services, the Vezarat Atelat, secretly killed many Ahwazi activist and intimidated families of activist who live in exile. During 2005 uprising in Ahwaz for few days, Iranian government lost its control on city, but heavily shooting and massive arrest they maintained the control again.

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