Sunday, 8 May 2011

IMHRO: 9 people executed in Ahwaz: 2 died under torture: Western English Media still silent

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



Following recent peaceful demonstration in Ahwaz death toll rise to more than 60 people, 9 young men executed in city of Ahwaz and 2 died under torture by Iranian intelligence service. Sources inside al- Ahwaz told the names of those who killed as following:

Jafar salami, died under torture 

Karim Abeiat  died under torture

Ali Heidary 25 years old

Jasem Heidari 23 years old

Naser Hediari 21 years old, all three above are brothers

Ami Mavi

Ali name

Amir Badawi

Hashem Hamidi 16 years old, his head was cut off during execution

Ahmad Naseri

IMHRO condemn recent executing, torture and kidnapping of Ahwazi Arabs and urges international community to break it silence, sadly European Union, the UN and western English media continue their deadly silence.

IMHRO condemn Silence of English Speaking Media in the west for censoring demonstration and executions News in Ahwaz. After many time contacting them, they just ignored the plea of Ahwazi Arabs.

Western Media silence

“This is shameful and unacceptable silence of western English Media such as BBC, AFP, the Times, Reuters, CNN, Fox News, ABC News and rest of them toward coverage of demonstration in Ahwaz which more than 60 people died till now, but Arab Media had published the News. Ahwazi Arabs came out for peaceful demonstration as part of Arab spring and western English media again ignored them. Why western English Media are only interested in reporting bombing campaign in Ahwaz? Is it explosion oil pipe line should make only headlines but execution and death of Ahwazi Arab protestors who killed during peaceful demonstration should be ignores?” said James Kimble, Media director for IMHRO.

IMHRO would help journalists to talk with eye witnesses inside Iran. We would try to keep the world inform of what is going on inside Iran. International journalists are banned from visiting non Persian areas in Iran. They use this excuses for not reporting from minorities area in the Iran.

“The western English Media by poor coverage of News in Ahwaz, does not helping peaceful human rights movements of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran, I could not understand how a journalist could ignore such News” James Kimble had added.

Ahwazi Arabs, who their numbers are more than 10 million people, they do not exist in official account.  Ahwazi Arabs are suffering from Persian occupation, since 1925. Ahwaz hold %15 of worlds proven oil resources and second gas reserve in the world. Iranian government deny existence of Arabs in south west of Iran and call the Arab speakers. Ahwazi Arabs are banned from using media, any political and cultural activities heavily suppressed by Iranian government. Iranian security services, the Vezarat Atelat, secretly killed many Ahwazi activist and intimidated families of activist who live in exile.  

A letter leaked from office Iranian president Khatami, showing secret plan for change of demography of area. And huge protest had followed. During 2005 uprising in Ahwaz for few days, Iranian government lost its control on city, but heavily shooting and massive arrest they maintained the control again.

Ahwazi Arabs land is polluted; toxic level had increased after suspicious petrochemical activities increased in the area. Lack of basic medical equipment in hospitals is obvious. Land confiscation is wide spread, ethnic Discrimination seen in all level of life.
Peaceful protest started in 15th of April 2011 and more than 60 people have killed by hand of Iranian security service.

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