Wednesday, 14 September 2011

IMHRO attended the Times Newspaper event regard of Human Rights in Iran

“Imprisoned in Iran” an event organised by the Times Newspaper regard of follow up of Sakineh Ashtiani a Turkish minority woman in Iran who sentenced to stoning, was a chance to talk about human rights in Iran.

The event opened by the remarks of UK foreign secretary, who clearly showed that UK government taking Human Rights in Iran very important. He also draws a line between Iran’s nuclear case and Human Rights: “I want to be clear. Human Rights sanctions on Iran are separate to the nuclear issue. Human rights sanctions will be lifted as and when Iran improves its human rights record, and if it does not, they should be increased”

The events were well attended by various Human Rights organisations, activist, NGO’s, journalists and gave a good chance to exchange views on current situation of Human Rights in Iran.

IMHRO thanks the Times Newspaper for organising very successful events and hopes such events would continue. 

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