Thursday, 26 April 2012

IMHRO attended Riḍván Baha’i festival in the UK parliament

Iranian Minorities Human Rights Organisation


IMHRO representative attended the Baha’i Riḍván festival reception in the UK parliament on 23rd of April. The meeting was in friendly atmosphere accompanied by Baha’i musician singing from sacred Baha’i books.

Baha’i minorities are the most heavily persecuted religious minorities in Iran. They have been persecuted for many years. However since 1979 revolution in Iran, pressure on Baha’i has increased. Many of the Baha’i follower’s torture murdered or forced to live in exile.

The deeper cause of persecution of Baha’i is based on the facts that Iranian government officially inciting hatred against the Baha’i community in Iran, encouraging mobs to attack them and do not persecute those who attack Baha’i in Iran, and also Iranian intellectuals in opposition for many years has kept silence toward persecution cases of Baha’i in Iran.

IMHRO supports the freedom of religions in Iran and demand freedom and equality for Baha’i population in Iran to be granted.

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