Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The UK Foreign Office reply to IMHRO letter with regard to recent persecution of Ahwazi Arabs

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



UK Foreign Office in reply top concern raised by IMHRO wrote” the British Government are deeply concerned about the continuing persecution of the Ahwazi Arab minority living in Iran. Reports in June that four Ahwazi Arabs were secretly executed in prison are deeply disturbing. The fate of fifth person remains unclear”

IMHRO observed that UK government supports human rights globally and always supported minorities under suppression.

The letter continues” in July, a further five member of the Ahwazi Arab minority were sentenced to death, with a sixth man facing a 20 year prison sentence. Reports suggest they were tortures in detention. In his statement of 24th of August, the foreign secretary said that the Iranian government should know that its systematic attempt to curtail the freedom of its citizens will not go unchallenged by the international community and only adds to its isolation. He called on Iran immediately to commute these death sentences, to stop torturing its citizens and to end the systematic persecution of its ethnic minorities.”

On ignoring UN special rapporteur, DR Shaheed reports and recommendations, the UK foreign Office wrote” we too are disappointed that Iran has not seized this opportunity to engage with the UN and has instead publicly stated it will prevent       Dr Shaheed from visiting Iran”

On difficulty on relationship and dialogue with Iranian government FCO wrote “following the attacks on the British embassy in Tehran on 29 November, bilateral relations between the UK and Iran have dropped to the lowest levels possible consistent with the maintenance of diplomatic relations. However, the British government will continue to work with EU partners and the UN on human rights issues such as those of the repression of the rights of Iranian Arabs”

IMHRO strongly supports the British Government on its courageous position for support for Human rights in Iran and elsewhere. Unfortunately not many countries in the world in real terms care about human rights in Iran, many foreign ministries are silent and not criticising Iranian regime human rights record. IMHRO like to see more countries learn from the example of the UK Government and take stands on human rights in Iran.

IMHRO researcher Reza Vashahi told IMHRO "we hope that Iranian government would change its behaviour toward Ahwazi Arabs and other minorities in Iran, by fulfilling its international obligations toward Ahwazi Arabs, by granting them freedom and stop persecution their political and human rights activists. so far we did not see any sign of changing behaviour in Iran. Reports that we are receiving indicating of wide spread suppression of torture of Ahwazi Arabs, and continues of show trials of Ahwazi Arabs without access to lawyers and with harsh sentence of death penalty. 

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