Thursday, 14 May 2009

IMHRO condemning anti Semitic remarks of Ahmadi Nejad in UN meeting

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



IMHRO urges Iranian government to before lecturing the world, should improve it’s own record on human right, stop arresting human right activist, releasing people like Mohammad Sadiq Kabodwand who is in prison for establishing human right organisation, should stop suppressing Arabs minorities in Iran and giving back their wealth who do not have even healthy water to drink.

Many Turkish activists are in prison, and Turks with huge population still not allowed to study and communicate in their mother tongue.

Baluches who are under constant pressure and their cultural activist like Mehrnahad executed.

IMHRO researcher Reza Washahi said Sunnis who their mosque are Bulldozered and their leaders are hanged, Sufi dervishes who their holly worship sites demolished, Christian who converted from Islam being kidnapped and forced to repent, Jews who targeted by provocative media and anti Semitic campaign of government and Bahá’í leaders who arrested and charged with act against national security just because for being a Bahá’í.

Pregnant woman executed, prisoners executed while on huger strike. Political parties are banned, any gathering more than 2 people considered activity against the national emergency.

Women right activist who are sent to prison for just signing a petition for equal right, workers and labours who faced long term prison for organising simple strike, gay right activist who executed and student who are suppressed all showing what is going inside Iran today.

Stopping execution of juvenile and stoning political activists would make a very good start.

IMHRO urge Iranian government to stop anti Semitic remarks and campaign against the Jews and instead of lecturing the world regard of Human Rights should start to improve the Human rights inside Iran.

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