Friday, 15 May 2009

IMHRO strongly condemning the arrest of Abdul Zahra Washahi

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



The Iranian security services have just arrested Abdul Zahra Washahi, a retired 62 year old Ahwazi Arab from Bandar Mahshahr (south-west Iran), who is the father of Reza Washahi – currently working as a researcher with IMHRO.

After a number of threats over the phone, the Iranian government finally arrested Abdul Zahra Washahi on 14th of May 2009. A few months ago Abdul Zahra was told that unless his son stopped his human-rights activities, he would be arrested instead.

This case and similar cases clearly show the tyrannical nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

IMHRO condemns putting pressure on dissident human-rights activists through their families still in Iran. To use the families of human-rights activists as a ransom is clearly an inhumane policy and practice of the Iranian government.

This policy of silencing through intimidation has never worked in the past and is not going to work now. IMHRO requests the international community to act swiftly for the release of Abdul Zahra Washahi, who also suffers with a heart condition.


JJERN said...

Writing as a citizen of another country, this IMHRO is the type of organization governments should promote.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of citizens of the world we demand the immediate release of Abdul Zahra Washahi. We will not tolerate any more injustice and there's 100s millions of us. Governments should keep in mind that people are not powerless pawns to be moved around at request. We have real power and we will not stop.
Sofia Vartsaki