Monday, 15 June 2009

IMHRO: Many arrested in minorities area

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



After fixing the election result demonstration wide spread in the minorities’ area in Iran.

In respond Iranian security service arrested many people on 13th and 14th of June.

Police opened responded by live ammunition in Ahwaz, Kurdistan, Baluchistan and Azerbaijan. In Ahwaz area in Susa city at least 2 people killed and many injured. In Mariwan city in Kurdistan reported that young 2 men shot, in Baluchistan in Zahedan 3 people killed and in Azerbaijan and Ardabil at least 3 people killed during demonstration.

Revolutionary guards and Militia forces like Basij, Ansar Hezb Allah and Ashura Brigade Equipped by chain, knife and guns attacked people.

A.J form Ahwaz told IMHRO that “slogans soon changed toward supreme leader in Iran”,

H. K from Kurdistan said they arrested many people in mid night, they took them from bed”

Reza Washahi IMHRO researcher said “Many minorities did not take apart in election. They just took the opportunity to express their opposition against the system. How ever election in Iran is not meeting international standards of election”.

Mobiles and land line phones cut and also power cut reported in some areas. Main road blocked and curfew ordered in some minority’s area. Iran also jammed BBC and Voice of America (VOA) broadcasting in Middle East and partly in Europe.

IMHRO condemns recent arrest and suppression of minorities In Iran.

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