Monday, 29 June 2009

IMHRO: Shanghai Cooperation Organization Security is grave threat to minorities in Iran

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



The latest meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Security (SCO) in Russia regarding the security situation in Iran is a major cause of concern for Iranian minorities.

Iran Corporation with SCO is not only against minorities in Iran but is threatening world security. In the long term it could cause another cold war.

Chinese, Russian, and Belarusian companies have made major investments in the oil and gas industries, ignoring environmental concerns. And it is not only oil and gas.

“The Iranian government already allows Russia to have great influence on security issues in Iran. IMHRO can confirm that the Ervand Free Zone project in the southwest of Iran in the Ahwaz area is, in fact, a cover-up of a Russian interception station for US forces in Iraq. “There is, reportedly, highly sensitive equipment installed on those sites”, Reza Washahi told IMHRO.

The Iranian government is planning to build two more nuclear reactors in the Ahwaz area. Chemical and Biological weapons factories are reported being built in Kurdistan, Ahwaz and Azerbaijan. Training camps in various parts of Ahwaz, Kurdistan and Baluchistan have been set up to train terrorists and militia with the purpose of harming neighbouring countries.

“Minorities in Iran do not want to be blamed for the destructive ambitions of the Iranian government. They want to live in peace with the world. They have enough challenges with poverty and the oppression of the Iranian government”

The Iranian government should stop these projects in minority neighbourhoods. They would have great environmental impact on minorities.

IMHRO appeals to the International community to put pressure on Iran regarding these activities.

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