Friday, 3 February 2012

IMHRO condemns the pressure on the BBC Persian relatives by Iranian Security Service

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)


BBC Persian the most heard and viewed news channel in Iran in recent years have been under unprecedented attacks by Iranian security service.

Iranian security service for start block the BBC Persian satellite signals, and then they spread lies in regard to the BBC Persian journalists in Iran. Then they arrested relatives of journalists, torturing them and forcing them to sign confessions. Harassment and stupid policy of Iranian security service did not end there. They forced the BBC Persian journalist to talk with them over Internet or they would continue to torture their relatives back in Iran.

These acts once again just show the brutal nature of Iranian government. Censorship and torture of journalist is just part of big suppression in Iran.

IMHRO strongly condemns these inhuman acts of Iranian regime, and request from International community to put a pressure on Iran to stop putting pressures on families of journalists. This was an act of terrorism by Iranian security service and revolutionary guards against the journalists.

Minorities in Iran are stand by the BBC Persian’s journalist despite the painful fact that the BBC Persian like other Persian media’s most of the time ignored the news of arrests of Kurd, Arab, Turkmen, Baluch and Azeri Turk activists or their relatives in Iran and ban them from having any broadcasting air times.

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