Sunday, 5 February 2012

IMHRO: Three Ahwazi Arabs killed under torture

Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO)



Sources in Ahwaz reported that that Mr. Naser Albushoka (Darafshan) 19 years old Ahwazi Arab, died under torture by the hand of Iranian security service.

He was arrested in Naderi Street in the city of Ahwaz in south west of Iran, just last week. His family saw sign of torture all over his body including deep head and neck injuries.

Mohammad Kabi was killed by security service officers in shush and Reza Maghamasi was killed by security service in Dezful. They buried them in secret.

Recent unrest followed when Arab leaders inside and outside of Iran asked Ahwazi Arab boycotting the Iranian parliament election. Many Ahwazi Arab activists - mainly student - started to write on walls with regard to boycott of election. Iranian security service is ordered to crack down and calm the situation, sources told IMHRO.

Many arrested in city of Hamidieh

At least 65 people have been arrested by Iranian security service. The names of arrested so far are:
1-jalil nazar abeiat
2-adnan saedi
3-hasan abaiat
4-rasul helfi
5-kazem obeidawi
6-ababs sammer
7-ali heydari
8-ayub saedi
9- hadi monabi
10- ahmad dabat
11-ashur dabat
12-ebrahim haudari
13-salar obeydawi
14-adel dabat
15-ali kanani
16- mohammad adana helfi
17- sara latifi
18- karm majid dahimi
19-amir sorkhi
20-seyed faraj mosavi
21-jalil nazel abeiat
22- hamid ramazan
23- Hassan saki
24- eidan shahi
25- jamil torfi
26- Mansur al jasem
27- nader hazbavi
28- morteza mosavi
30- sina asadi
31- Mehdi navaser
32- abas navaser
33-salar ebeidavi
34- Rahim salamat
35- hamid torfi
36- karim baghlani
37- sahar hemidan
38- salem ameri
39- ali kabi
40- Mehdi khasraji
41-othman zogheibi
42-jaja chanani
43- amir sorkhi
44- lefteh helalat
45- karim deris
46- rauuf mansori

Press TV confession show

In recent months pressure on Ahwazi Arabs has been increased. Iranian state backed satellite channel the Press TV published confession of few Ahwazi activist. As always all these confession were taken under extreme torture.

 The fate of these prisoners who showed by press TV is still not clear. Their list of names is:

    1-Hadi rashedi son of mir hamzeh rashedi from Ramshir ( Khalafieh)
2- hashem shabani
3- rahman Asakereh
4- Mohammad Ali Amouri
5- ja]ber Albu shokah
6- Mokhtar Al bu shokah


IMHRO condemns treatment of Ahwazi Arabs by Iranian security service. Iranian government should release all the political prisoners in Ahwaz. We request from international community to stand up for the right of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran.


Ahwaz has population of at least 5 million people and has huge oil and gas reserves and situated in south west of Iran and the North East side of Arabic Gulf. Reza Shah Pahlavi occupied Arabistan region in 1925 and murdered its ruler sheikh Khazal. After Reza shah sided by Hitler, allied forces replaced him with his son Mohammed Reza Shah. Shah and Islamic regime after way both continued the policy of suppression and displacement of Ahwazi Arabs.

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