Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rudaw: Kurdish Brothers Sentenced to Death By Iranian Supreme Court

ERBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan -- British newspaper The Daily Telegraph has reported that the Supreme Revolutionary Court of Iran has sentenced two Iranian Kurds to death. The report said the two Kurds were members of the Kurdish rebel group Komala, a claim denied by Komala.

“Iran has sentenced two Komala members to death after they confessed to killing the son of the Mariwan Imam and two of his friends, and working for the British Secret Intelligence,” said the report.
Zaniar Muradi, 25, and Luqman Muradi, 28, were arrested in 2009 by Iranian security forces. 

According to Mehr, an Iranian news agency, after investigations the detainees, charged with “fighting against God,” were referred to the courts where the death sentence was issued. 
Hassan Rahmanipana, central committee member of the Kurdish Communist Party in Iran (Komala), denied that the men were members of his party.

“To my knowledge, these men are not members of our party or of any of our branches,” said Rahmanipana.
But Aram Mudarris, senior member of Komala, told Rudaw that the two had been members of the party in the past.

“The father of those men is a member of a party called the Socialist Democratic Party of Kurdistan,” he said. “They themselves were Komala Peshmarga for a while but they later left the party and returned to their normal lives in the Kurdistan region of Iran.”

According to Iranian Press TV, which broadcasts in English, “The two brothers admitted that they were spying for Britain after being promised money and British passports.”
Rahmanipana rejected Iranian claims that the two Kurds were responsible for the death of the son of the Imam of Mariwan in 2009.

“The two brothers were tortured a lot after they were arrested. They were forced to confess,” he said.
Rahmanipana said another militant group called Hiwa Tab, whose members are now in prison in Iran, were behind the killings.

“The leader of the Hiwa Tab group, along with his two aides Shorish Dabashi and Hamid Dabashi, all in prison now, are the ones who killed the son of the Imam and his two friends,” he said.

Rahmanipana said that Hiwa Tab and its armed wing Zarbat were initially created by the Iranian regime to fight Kurdish dissident figures. Rahmanipana added that members of Zarbat have taken on Kurdish smugglers across the Iran-Kurdistan Region border.

“Hiwa Tab has killed more than 50 people, among them a 14-year-old girl who they murdered after sexually assaulting her.”

Mudarris said the only evidence linking the Kurdish brothers to the killing is “their own confession, which might have been made under torture.”

According to Iranian opposition groups, the Imam of Mariwan has declined to attend the execution of the two sentenced men.

“I don’t think the Imam has refused to attend the hanging process, and if he did it wasn’t out of his kindness,” Rahmanipana said. “The two people are not the killers of his son and he knows this fact well. He should publicly say that they are not the killers of his son.”

At the moment, more than a dozen other Kurds have been given death sentences by the Iranian regime.
According to Iranian laws, death sentences that have passed district courts are referred to the Supreme Court for revision. The death sentences of the Muradi brothers have been confirmed by the Iranian Supreme Court, which has created fear and anguish for their relatives. 

“They are facing the threat of execution as the Supreme Court has confirmed the verdict. We have asked the people to raise their voices against the verdict,” said Rahmaniana.

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